Wednesday, May 11

Turkey, Hummus & Arugula Pita Sandwiches

This sandwich is my go to during the week. It's fresh, delicious, and easy to assemble.

It's what one might call a quickie. Most of the time, the more love and effort you put in, the better the result will be. But sometimes you just don't have all that time. Sometimes it's the middle of the day and you just need a quick fix. Sometimes you're really ravenous and you just. need. to be satisfied. Sometimes you're feeling lazy and you just want maximum enjoyment, with minimal effort. Are we sure we're talking about food here? 

Hello!!! I'm talking about this sandwich you perv!

This sandwich just requires some easy assembly, but I wanted to share it because I could probably eat it every day. In fact, I kind of do. I have my favorite veggies, but you could use any really (please don't use Chinese artichokes - google it, you'll gag). The essentials are in the title, the rest is rotating. I also have my favorite pita, Wegman's Whole Wheat, which I highly recommend (and not just because I admire anything with an awesome alliteration). I make my own hummus, I'm sure at some point I'll post a recipe (so stayed tuned!!) but there are some great store-bought brands out there as well. Weg's has a hummus bar (honestly I have an obsession, I'm realizing it more and more...) which is fab. 

Soundtrack: Magic Tape 10 (This has also been on repeat lately, mostly because of the Adele remix. <3<3<3 her!)

Turkey, Hummus & Arugula Pitas

1 pita pocket, cut off the very top straight across
2 tbsp any flavor hummus (use more or less, according to preference)
3 or 4 slices of deli-sliced turkey
1 handful arugula (again, adjust to desired amount)
1/2 mini cucumber, sliced thin
3 or 4 slices red bell pepper
pinch of shredded carrot

Lots of colors means lots of nutrients!

Open pita pocket and spread hummus on inner sides. Be careful to hold the pocket open and not to let it close; the sides will stick together and be difficult to open again. Fill pita pocket with turkey (1 slice at a time works best) , arugula, then the rest of your veggies.

It's honestly that easy.

Check out those cut veg. They must work out.

Arugula, you're so good. and good for us!
Anyway, just wanted to share this one. Try it out, enjoy it.

Til next time! <3

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