Sunday, August 21

My Weekend of Gluttony (and friends!)

I swore off eating yesterday. Obviously it didn't work out, seeing as I'm currently sitting here eating yet another piece of this bread. But I said it. And meant it, at the time. And you would have too, if you ate as much as I did this weekend. "What exactly did I eat?" you must be wondering. Well, let me me show you the highlights.

First, there were sausages and ribs and hummus and guacamole. Bacon & peanut butter dark chocolate truffles and soba noodle salad (recipes to come soon). Good beer. It was your typical "spend all day grilling and eating with lots of good friends" type of day. And there were lots of good friends, old and new. Saw some great music at night. And it was a really really perfect day.

These brownies were shared by a new friend.
Yea, that's a brownie with a graham cracker crust and toasted marshmallow on top.
I had "one more bite" of these like 20 times. Sad, but I'm not kidding.
This is the infamous pumple cake from  Flying Monkey Bakery. That is an apple pie in vanilla
cake on top of a pumpkin pie in a chocolate cake. That is at least an inch of frosting.
Ordered by a ridiculous (but awesome) friend Josh, just looking at this cake will make you gain a pound. Might as well eat it and make it worthwhile.
Then! The next day, I went to an all you can eat crabfest with these awesome people.
(The picture is a little washed out. I tried to fix it, no dice)
The carnage.
 Then as I took my last bite of crab, I said to myself, "I am never eating again." But then I thought of you all. And I wouldn't want to let you down. So, here I am, eating fluffernutter bread and dreaming about dinner. You're welcome. See, I love you.

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