Saturday, August 6

Other Great Bites

Guys, I have a confession. I've been cooking/baking behind all of your backs. Not a single post all week. I know. Weak.

I'm reading the Hunger Games. Actually, I read book 1 last week and now I'm reading the 2nd. I can't do anything else. I barely have time to shower and feed myself, let alone to come up with witty things to say to you. I also made two interesting yet delicious dishes that I want to tweak before I share them.

So I thought that maybe I would share some delicious things that other people were doing, while I was so busy slacking!

Fluffernutter Bread by Becca Thomas

Look at this adorable little package!!
 I received this one in the mail this week. Oh. My. God. 

LOOK AT THAT GOOP IN THE MIDDLE! That's peanut butter and marshmallow FLUFF. Baked into a banana bread. I'm sure I don't have to go much farther with this to convince you how good this was. I also have to admit, I had the misfortune (or fortune, depends how you are looking at it) of opening this when I got home from the gym (starving!). And then ate half the loaf. Standing at the table. With the packaging still all over the place. Oops. Self control, where were you on that one!?

I really hope that we will get the recipe soon :) PS Thanks again, Becca!

Blackberry Jam by My Mommy!

My mom lives on a lot of land. You could almost call it a farm (IF SHE WOULD JUST BUY A GOAT LIKE SHE PROMISED!!!). She has blackberries, and raspberries, blueberries and cherries, and lots of berries of I've never even heard of and can't remember. She's got a fantastic grape arbor that is loaded with concord grapes. She is really great at making jam. (She also makes delicious pickles, but I totally missed out on those this year. Sad.) I did score a large jar of this blackberry jam last weekend though, and just pried it open this morning.

Look at those berries!
And peep those scrambled eggs with garden fresh tomatoes!

Sea of berry jam!

Phallic Tomatoes by Jeremy's Garden

Nature at it's finest..
So, I apologize for the lack of recipe, but something to drool over anyway! Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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