Friday, December 23

Holiday Cheer

So pretty much what happened this month is that I told you that I agreed to host Christmas Eve dinner... and then I peaced out. For the whole rest of the month. Yea, I shared a fun to make and awesome gift. (PS if you need a last minute gift... follow that link!) But where were the Christmas cookies? I know. I'm sorry.

Truth? I ate them. Yum. More truth? I didn't take any pictures. Sorry.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to plan a dinner for 10 people? I mean... maybe it's not that hard. Maybe I'm just really high strung and blow everything waaaaay outta proportion. I also have an obsession with making everything possible from scratch. I'm a huge show-off. I'm in way over my head. I've spent the past week freaking out. (PS Please don't tell any of the people who are coming to my dinner. I've got a huge amount of pride riding on this meal...).

Well, freaking out... or eating. Cookies. Lots of them. And latkes. Yum! Candy... yes please. A chocolate eating dance has been invented. Multitasking. Gotta love it. 

But I wanted to touch base with everyone. Ya know, because I know how much you miss me. And so in between cutting bread for 2 kinds of stuffing and mashing eggplant for chatzilim, I've taken a break to spread some holiday cheer. 

And drink wine and eat cookies. 

So first, here's the worst best worst? Christmas song ever:

And some fun stuff from mi casa to yours!



Happy Holidays :)


  1. Happy happy holidays! Love the candy canes in the vase - how domestic!!!

  2. I bet you are hosting the bestest Christmas Eve dinner ever! a Hanukkah Jags.