Monday, January 30

Soup Love.

I think I'm one of those people. 

Those people who are skeptical of doctors, medicine, science... etc. 

But not in a way that I doubt it exists. Or that I think it shouldn't.

More in the way that I'm always afraid it's going to do more harm then good.

I refuse to get a flu shot. I haven't had the flu in years (knock on wood) and I just can't jinx that streak. And I'm pretty convinced that if I were to get said flu shot, I would make myself susceptible to it. I'd introduce the thing to my immune system and then always have to get it, or suffer the consequence.

I hate having blood drawn. It makes me so incredibly nervous. I shake. I babble. I talk nonsense and become unresponsive in conversation. I hold my sleeve in position for just long enough for the nurse to let me know, "It's okay to let go of that." It's all in fear of being attached to the black and blue arm within which the nurse could not find the vein. Shudder.

At the dentist I tense up. My lips are constantly pursed until, of course, I leave and discover they have become chapped. Getting Novocaine shots sends chills up my spine. Because I can't see what you're doing. And I know it's going to hurt.

So here I sit after a visit to my doctor on Thursday. I haven't been sick all winter. My nose is running. My throat is sore. My ears are pretty convinced that my head has been underwater all day.

And I'm convinced that this isn't totally all unfounded.

But just in case anyone else is in my boat and feeling a little sub-par, barring of course that my talk of snot hasn't just turned everyone off from food in general) I've assembled a collection of fantastic soups. I believe in the healing power of food. (Just stay away from tomato if your throat hurts!)

From this blog:
Winter Minestrone (So many veggies!)

Easy Roasted Chicken Noodle - How Sweet It Is (OH. MY. GOD.)
Potato Leek - Melissa Clark (Favorite)
Butternut Squash - A Couple Cooks (Squash soups are easy AND delicious)
Tortilla Soup  -  Food Network (So long as spicy's not a bad idea..)
Vegetarian Split Pea Soup - 101 Cookbooks (As long as the color green won't turn you... green)

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  1. growing up soup was my faaaaave food. still is :) FEEL BETTER!