Saturday, May 26

Roasted Radish and Sweet Potato Salad

Happy Memorial Day long weekend all! Hope everyone is enjoying the weather, time off and relaxation...with beer! 

Being that it's Memorial Day weekend and the sun is shining so beautifully, you might be under the impression it's about time to put away your dutch oven for the winter and let it collect dust until the air is crisp again.

You might think that your dutch oven actually needs to be swapped out for white pants. 

You're probably right, but I've never been one to follow rules like that anyway. Liberty, justice and the ability to wear white pants year round for all!


Roasted Radish and Sweet Potato Salad

1 tbsp EVOO
2 cloves garlic, smashed and coarsely chopped
1 large sweet potato, peeled and cut into 1/2 cubes
1 1/2 - 2 c radishes, cleaned and halved
1/2 tsp ground coriander
salt & pepper
1/4 c white wine
3-4 handfuls baby spinach
1/2 tsp white balsamic vinegar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Heat the EVOO in a large dutch oven on a stove top over medium-low heat. Add the garlic and sautee for 4-5 minutes, or until fragrant.

Add the potatoes, radishes, coriander and salt (about 1/4 tsp kosher) and pepper. Sauteed for 3-5 minutes. Add white wine, raise heat to medium-high and cook for 3-5 more minutes, stirring frequently, until reduced slightly.

Cover the dutch oven and place in the preheated oven. Cook for 10 minutes, remove from the oven. Stir and return to cook for another 10 minutes.

Remove from the oven, uncover and allow to cool slightly. Add fresh spinach and white balsamic vinegar. Toss to coat. Serve room temp or cold.

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